All MHHC Lands are closed to Big Game Hunting until August 29, 2022
Applications for written permission to access MHHC properties for hunting in the 2022 season are now open. Please see link below.

Lands owned by MHHC are considered private property and are subject to the same permission requirements as any other private land. With the exception of lands for which “No Hunting” restrictions have been established,  MHHC lands are available for hunting.

All Big Game Hunters must obtain written permission from MHHC before using its properties to hunt.  Applications must be submitted online.

Migratory Game Bird, Upland Game Bird and Wild Turkey hunters do not require written permission.

Although trapping is not currently allowed, MHHC is in the process of developing a trapping policy and examining the requirements to enable this activity on its lands.  

Please read the following information before applying for permission.

MHHC's hunting

Please read through these terms and conditions before applying for permission.

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Learn about our application process for hunting permission on MHHC properties!

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This map shows where hunting is and is not permitted on MHHC lands.

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Only one application is required per Hunter when applying for multiple properties or hunting seasons.

Additional properties and hunting seasons can be added to your application by clicking "Add Permission Request".

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