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Sustainable Slopes – The Pembina Escarpment Partnership

A stark contrast to the surrounding flat grasslands, the Pembina Escarpment marks the boundary between the Red River valley to the east and the prairies to the west. Rising 200 metres above the valley, this unique landscape was formed thousands of years ago as beach deposits on the margins of Glacial Lake Agassiz.… Read the rest of this entry

Wildlife Habitat Organization Cutting Shrubs in Pastures

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) has been working with private landowners in South-Western Manitoba over this past summer to cut down shrubs in native pastures.
The MHHC is a wildlife habitat organization interested in the conservation and management of native mixed grass prairie in Manitoba. They have begun a 3 year program, available to landowners, that is aimed at reducing the wolf willow and snowberry shrubs on native pastures.… Read the rest of this entry