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Wetland Restoration: Restoring Landscape Resilience


The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) is working with landowners to address on-farm and community-level water concerns through wetland restoration.

Restoring wetlands under paid 10-year term contracts or perpetual agreements is a simple and effective way to reduce nutrient loading … Read the rest of this entry

Hen Houses Provide a Haven for Nesting Mallards

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Thousands of new mallard ducklings will be hitting the water in wetlands across southwestern Manitoba this spring.  That would appear to be unremarkable, however, these ducklings would likely not exist but for the combined efforts of the Delta Waterfowl Foundation … Read the rest of this entry

Sustainable Slopes – The Pembina Escarpment Partnership

A stark contrast to the surrounding flat grasslands, the Pembina Escarpment marks the boundary between the Red River valley to the east and the prairies to the west. Rising 200 metres above the valley, this unique landscape was formed thousands … Read the rest of this entry

Wildlife Habitat Organization Cutting Shrubs in Pastures

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) has been working with private landowners in South-Western Manitoba over this past summer to cut down shrubs in native pastures.
The MHHC is a wildlife habitat organization interested in the conservation and management of … Read the rest of this entry

Conserving Critical Grassland

When Earl Malyon was approached by Al Bourrier, Habitat Conservation Specialist with the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, to consider having a portion of his land preserved for wildlife habitat under a conservation agreement, he didn’t hesitate.

“I was familiar with … Read the rest of this entry

Grosse Isle Restoration Project and Slideshow

Test hole for Clay starts in the field

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC) has partnered with a team of conservation organizations and local landowners to restore what has almost been completely lost—native prairie. Currently less than 1% of the original Tall-grass Prairie stands remain in Manitoba, but, … Read the rest of this entry